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April 23, 2023
Dufur, OR

One day, early-season gravel ride.

First event of the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series


Presented by:


  • All vehicle camping spots are pre-assigned.  Only one car per RV camping and Dry Camping spot.  
  • Car/Truck/Van camping will be assigned to specific sections (CTV-1, CTV-2, or CTV-3) based on arrival and the number of spots available in the location.  Please be aware of the total number of vehicles per section and leave room for those who come after you. 
  • Tent campers may place their tents anywhere in the blue tent camping area but must park their cars in the Tent Camping Vehicle Parking. 
  • There will be NO vehicle camping allowed outside of the pre-assigned spots.
For those camping FRIDAY NIGHT- you may set up your spot after 3pm.   
Gorge Camping Site.png

RV Camping Assignments

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 12.40.15 PM.png

Dry Camping Assignments

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 12.40.15 PM.png

Car/Truck/Van Camping Assignments

CTV Camping Spots.png
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