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One day, early-season gravel ride.

52, 67, or 93 mile ride options

First event of the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series


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Gorge Gravel is the perfect early spring event perfect for beginner riders and seasoned gravel gurus!  Test your fitness coming out of the winter with beautiful views, pure gravel camaraderie, and a pre and post-ride celebration based in Oregon's gem of gravel, Dufur.  Gorge offers challenging competition for racers and also a supportive, inclusive ride for fresh gravel converts, with the innovative gravel pace group program. 

The Gorge Gravel Grinder started with the Gorge Roubaix in 2010 but it really started back in the 90’s when Chad and his racing buddies would head east in the spring for early training. Dufur is one of the best springtime riding secrets in the Northwest. Moderate marine air flowing inland from the coast, coupled with being just on the other side of the Cascade Mountain Range rain shadow, it’s your best bet for sun and warm temps from March through May each year. Surrounding the amazing town of Dufur are hundreds of miles of gravel farm roads with little to no motor traffic on them. 

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Instead of asking your friends what their miles per hour were (MPG)  at Gorge Gravel, you will be asking them about their gravel pace group (GPG) instead. All joking aside, our GPG are meant to help you have the most fun and ride our race how you want to, plus you’ll get to make new friends. Each freight train of fun will have an Engine and a Caboose, two designated leaders who will help keep the ride sandwiched together and moving along at the designated speed. Sound like fun?


Ride it or race it: it’s up to you. The goals at this year’s Gorge Gravel are to support all levels of rider and to chase our dream to achieve an unprecedented 50% female ridership.  We think you can, so click here to learn more about this first-of-its-kind freight train of fun!

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The course offers great views of the Gorge and surrounding Cascade Mountain peaks as well as an assortment of old school buildings, barns, and houses from the late 1800’s. Rolling bright green wheat fields dominate the landscape in all directions.


Expect average temps to be in the mid 40’s by race start and up into the mid 60’s by the peak of the day. Gravel sections are well packed, smooth and fast. Spring rains provide good moisture keeping the dust down. No portion of the courses exceeds double digits for climbing or descending. Just a lot of fast rolling hills.

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We couldn't do it without these great sponsors. Please thank them for their support and let them know you are a part of this event!

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The Gorge Gravel Grinder takes place on the historic land of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs.  To learn more and search to identify the Native Peoples of your area, please see


Be part of the full celebration of Oregon's Gravel Greatness by entering the full series.  Ride or race all four events and be part of an exclusive VIP team. LEARN MORE HERE!

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