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With all of the success in 2023, we will bring back the Gravel Pace Groups to the 2024 Gorge Gravel Grinder!


The Gorge Gravel Pace Groups have been created to help take the nerves out of gravel riding and racing by offering an inviting and inclusive, beginner-friendly supportive riding environment while promoting the camaraderie that makes the gravel community so spectacular.

Pace Groups have been created to help new and beginner riders have a great experience by removing the fear of being alone on the course. These are not meant to be competitive, race-centric style riding groups and a group's final paces may change with on-course obstacles (mechanicals, slower group, etc.).

Instead of asking your friends what their miles per hour were (MPG)  at Gorge Gravel , you will be asking them about their gravel pace group (GPG) instead. All joking aside, our GPG are meant to help you have the most fun and ride our race how you want to, plus you’ll get to make new friends. Each freight train of fun will have an Engine and a Caboose, two designated leaders who will help keep the ride sandwiched together, and moving along at the designated speed. Sound like fun?

Ride it or race it: it’s up to you. The goal at this year’s Gorge Gravel r is to support all levels of rider and to chase our dream to achieve an unprecedented 50% female ridership.  We think we can make it happen with this freight train of fun!


Six pace groups will be available for all rider levels, with four groups for the Small Gravel and two for the Medium Gravel. Each group will be headed by an experienced Ride Leader, organizing and keeping the pace, while hand-picked Ambassadors will be within the pack cheering riders on and celebrating with every accomplishment.  Ride Leaders and Ambassadors will offer guidance, course knowledge, and be able to support the pace group throughout the course.

  • The pace groups will consist of a Ride Leader and Ambassador(s).  

    • Rider Leaders will be responsible for managing the pace group as well as welcoming riders to the group at Saturday's Shake Out Ride and Packet Pickup. 

    • Ambassadors will ride within the group and at the back of the group’s pack.

  • Pace groups were selected based on an analysis of the past event paces.

  • Riders can also use the pace group to challenge their speed by joining a faster group.

  • Riders may start with a pace group and if needed, drop back to connect with the ride group of the next lower pace.

  • The Small Grinder will include one no-drop pace group. 

  • Pace riders will receive a gift from GU energy to help fuel their ride and be eligible for special raffle prizes from our great sponsors. 

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