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Oregon Trail Nutrition - Get Professional Help

Helping you properly fuel your body for optimal health & sports performance through a balanced relationship with food.

Nutrition is always important for optimal performance but even more critical for a 5 day event. Racing and pushing your body day after day can really take its toll. Proper fueling and recovery nutrition can really help you perform your best and recover optimally throughout the entire event. You have bought the bike and are spending the time training for the event, so don’t overlook nutrition. Working with a sports dietitian can be the key to having a great week out there.

Emily Shields Werner has some great advice for how to fuel throughout the week including pre, during and post stage nutrition and hydration. Sign up below for her Zoom Presentation on Nutrition for the OTGG.

Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder Nutrition Small Group Sessions

(10-15 people per session)


  • May 30, 8:30 EST/5:30PST

  • June 6, 8:30 EST/5:30PST

Cost: $40 per person

About Emily:

Emily Werner is a professional cyclist and registered sports dietitian. Emily is passionate about educating athletes how to fuel for optimal performance. Emily has experience working with athletes of all ages and levels, from beginners to professional athletes.

During her undergraduate and graduate education she raced collegiately and was a 3 time National Champion in Cyclocross and Short Track. She continues to race cyclocross professionally and competes nationally and internationally. She lives in Virginia with her husband Kerry and their beagle Sherman.


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