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Route Scouting & Camp Planning Trip for Special Blend Gravel Camp 2022!

Recently SGB Camp Coach Serena Bishop Gordon, along with fellow gravel gurus, headed to Dufur, Oregon for route scouting for the Special Blend Gravel camp, saddle sunshine on miles and miles of great gravel, and fun planning and relaxation at the Balch Hotel. Check out Serena's narrative and the great pics from her trip below!

The weather forecasted to be clear and cold, so we packed up the car and headed to Dufur, situated just 12 miles south of the mighty Columbia River, and nestled smack dab in the middle of an amazing network for gravel roads and brilliant mountains.

We checked into the Dufur Hotel, greeted with homemade chocolate chip cookies, had dinner in the bistro and settled in for the night, dreaming of the miles of gravel planned for the following two days. Our time spent in Dufur gave us a chance to check out the lay of the land, taking in the breathtaking landscape and views of the amazing peaks of the Cascades, Mt. Hood, Adams and Rainer, and celebrating the awesome ribbons of quiet gravel roads.

With each mile, each climb, each descent, we gained excitement about sharing this place with each of you. There will be opportunities to test your climbing, descending, cornering and braking, and dial in each element of gravel riding and racing. We also scoped out the perfect spot for a mid-ride Espresso stop.

Looking forward to sharing this space place with you in April.


The Special Blend Gravel camp is a first of its kind and has been tailored to be a stepping stone for a season of success and smiles. Particpants will spend the weekend riding amazing gravel roads, focusing on cornering and descending technique, and learn about tire setup, road-side mechanical skills, nutrition and recovery, and stage race tips and tricks from some of the best in the business of gravel, culminating with VIP status at the Gorge Gravel Grinder on Sunday, April 24th. Focused for intermediate to advanced riders who are looking to build confidence, refine skills, and find some free speed on through corners and on descents, the all-inclusive camp will give a solid base for riders to take on gravel stage races like the Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder, Cascade Gravel Grinder, and the Ochoco Gravel Grinder.


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