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Dirty Freehub Fundraiser- Supporting Gravel Experiences, Education, and Activism

Dirty Freehub is one of our key partners to the Oregon Gravel Grinder Series and we are very excited to partner with them to give you guides, tips, and support in your training and riding.

Dirty Freehub is a non-profit with the mission of building a community of gravel cyclists that care about where they ride. Their hope is that by sharing routes and stories about culture, history, people, places, and lands you will connect to those places. And ... if you connect you will give back in protecting and preserving recreational lands.

To help support this mission, they are auctioning off an entry into the best early season gravel race, the Gorge Gravel Grinder. Bid below and help Dirty Freehub continue to make a difference in gravel!


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